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Email Marketing

1. E-mail marketing

El. Email Marketing is a bilingual e-mail. An email address that you can use to send an e-mail. To create an entry. In this case, an e-mail will be sent by e-mail. E-mail Mail is also a member of the most influential global business community, it is the Bestseller e-mail in the United States. It is a charity auction and has a lot of loyalty. E-mail marketing Letters can be found using the appropriate key. Depending on the specific term, Metatipp’s e-mail addresses are found in the search engine which describes the use of the terminal, as well as the use of text from wavelengths. Delena

2.Types of Email Marketing:

2.1 The Welcome Email Series:

He was not a great member. However, if he is a friend, he misses a friend who is not a member of his friend, but he does not want to be alone. This is the e-mail address of the e-mail address you were looking for.

This is an e-mail message that can not be found, but which is very effective.

The door breathes Drie, four of the flowers you need to buy, and you’re looking for a woman with a removable bottle. I will be able to see you on the other side of the jungle.

2.2 The Standard Promotional Campaign:

This is an e-mail message from an Email Marketing campaign. An email address that you can use as the best one.

It’s best to send an e-mail. Send an e-mail to a special address in a year. Postal address. Throughout the day we focus on the strategic strategy of the country system and subscribe to z.internet, located in n: e-mail marketing

2.3 The Seasonal Campaign

This e-mail address The e-mail address is protected from spambots.


This is my favorite email. E-mail address to send me a message. Van Valentijnsdag on the campsite, the effect of Idiots-Nog-Rosse-Zeer, Vaderdag. Soort e-mail E-mail marketing campaigns can help you navigate Navolging if you specialize in e-mails. mail

2.4 The Triggered Email Series:

Meta Email Marketing has been activated and activated by e-mail. mail

It turned out that this is the following: electronic mailer, ebb, MaanSTU, stove base, IETS ebb boiled Enquist hebb Both “decontamination” and “geochemical” systems were registered.

2.5 The Connect-via-Social Campaign:

A social campaign is one that redirects e-mail channels to social media and can return to e-mail. mail

It is an e-mail marketing campaign that tries to recruit people in its news channels. You have many options from Facebook on Instagram.

For example, a kitchen gadget. A social campaign can use E-mail marketing to ask consumers to label or publish recipes for photos created using the Pinterest gadget or to post them on Facebook. The possibilities are endless!

2.6 Newsletter:

Although it is technically not a “campaign” because it can go on forever, a bulletin or an abstraction – constant communication between you and your list is just a smart e-mail. Letter

If you use the newsletters well, these are not sales products that could suppress customers, but e-mail. Letters that can provide them with a real service – stay up to date with product updates, train them and even wait for them.

2.7 Repair campaign:

A repair campaign is countless e-mails. Lists sent to inactive subscribers.

The speed of the mailing list is around 25-30% per year. It’s normal that people change their e-mails. Letters, companies change their name, they are part of the industry. The rescue campaign tries to fight only with this.

Suppose your list segment has not updated the letter for six months. Your recovery campaign is an attempt to: a) re-incorporate these subscribers into the group; b) determine if they can even get involved in the event, or if not, clear your e-mail. Mailing list.

3.Improve Email Marketing:

  • 8 ways to improve your e-mail address Efficiency of e-mail marketing.
  • Wash and check your e-mail regularly. Mailing list.
  • Customize e-mail. Send an e-mail to each recipient.
  • Use emotions in the subject line.
  • Try some time for implementation.



3. The Advantages of E-mail Marketing:

3.1 Low prices

One of the most obvious e-mails. The advantages of e-mail marketing are lower than traditional marketing channels. There are no printing or shipping costs and there is no charge for a specific banner, magazine or TV station. E-mail sellers can invest in specialized software for automating, monitoring and evaluating e-mails. Letters Thousands of e-mails. Emails are sent a little effort, these costs are much lower than other marketing channels.

3.2 Get to the already busy audience:

E-mail marketing is one of the few channels that users require. Many companies using this platform send messages only to people who subscribe to them. This can allow for much higher conversion rates because the company only targets those who are already interested in the brand.

Of course, you can send unwanted e-mails. E-mail marketing messages, but this can only annoy consumers and damage the brand image. As an Email Marketing company, Email Marketing Software, we strongly recommend that you do not use the e-mail you have purchased. Email Marketing Lists. The results you see, increasing your stocks and naturally attracting customers, will bring much better results.

3.3 Upload selected messages:

Most marketers want to pay only for people who are interested in the brand. E-mail marketing can go a step further 6) Connect through a social campaign:

A social campaign is one that redirects e-mail channels to social media and can return to e-mail. mail

It is an e-mail marketing campaign that tries to recruit people in its news channels. You have many options from Facebook on Instagram.

For example, a kitchen gadget. A social campaign can use E-mail marketing to ask consumers to label or publish recipes for photos created using the Pinterest gadget or to post them on Facebook. The possibilities are endless!

3.4 Create income:

Weekly marketing reports show that e-mails are around $ 29 billion a year.

E-mail marketing is a great way to use the bought pulse. There are not many other marketing platforms on which customers can see the product purchase offer in two clicks. By means of a seductive call to action and a link to the cash register, e-mail. Mailing lists can increase sales due to the lack of another channel.

You will find a lot of information on how to deal with e-mail. Email Marketing Psychology to improve your results. This includes one of the most popular content: psychology responsible for the success of the e-mail. Email Marketing.

3.5 Easy to run:

El. E-mail marketing does not necessarily require a successful large team or a large number of technical staff. You can fully invite an e-mail. An email campaign with fancy templates, videos, photos and logos. However, some of the most successful campaigns use plain e-mail. Letters, which means e-mail The content of the letter is the most important.

Many e-mails Email Marketing platforms, including ours, offer a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to create great campaigns quickly and easily.

3.6 Easy to measure:

Another important e-mail The advantage of e-mail marketing is that you can easily see where you are wrong. In many emails, Transaction Software can track opening rates, clicks, and conversion rates, so you can easily see how you can improve your campaign. These changes can be made almost immediately, and sharp actions are required to print or emit advertisements.

3.7 Easy sharing:

By clicking the button, subscribers can send great offers and suggestions to their friends. There are not many other types of marketing that can be shared as easily as they are. Before you know it, subscribers can become the foodies of the brand. they are trying to enter their business into a new market.

This tactic is showing more and more brands, and social evidence in recent years has had a huge impact on online sales.

4.Disadvantages with Email Marketing:

  • Spam is a commercial email address. Mail or “spam” irritate the user.
  • No e-mails E-mails – badly planned e-mails Lists cannot be delivered.
  • Problems with a design. Your e-mail The e-mail must be designed for display on different devices and in e-mails. Postal service providers.
  • Problems with size. Files must be small enough to be downloaded quickly.

5.Features of Email Marketing

5.1 Email has larger reach:

Facebook with over one billion active users and 255 million on Twitter must be considered tempting that social media is the most effective way to reach the masses. These are impressive numbers, but e-mail. Mail usage statistics are often not shared. Global e-mail address E-mail account 2013 The target was 3.9 billion According to Radicati, in 2017 It is expected to reach 4.9 billion.

5.2 Email delivers your message:

If marketers decide to subscribe to their email list or want to win a new fan on Facebook, you must choose an email for subscribers every time, says Forrester Research.

There are two main reasons for this:

First of all, 90% of letters are delivered to the recipient’s mailbox, and only 2% of their fans on Facebook have seen their posts in their messages. This is because Facebook limits the frequency with which messages appear in news feeds to attract paid advertising.

5.3 Email drives conversions:

  • Many sellers use a laser to generate conversions. Regardless of whether they are wires, sales, membership or an identification number that is unique to your business strategy, the ultimate goal of marketing is to acquire potential customers for customers.
  • For conversion, there is no more efficient channel than e-mail.
  • In fact, average PR e-mail campaigns are around 3% (from the total number of recipients) and the average click rate from Tweets is around 0.5%.
  • This means that you are six times willing to send mail to your site, not Twitter. As mentioned earlier, your e-mail address The mail subscribers said they want to hear you – and this is not usually the case with social networks. According to a study by Monetate, 4.24% of e-mail marketing visitors buy something compared to 2.49% for search engine users and 0.59% for social media.

5.4 Email has a higher ROI:

Depending on your unique email address. Email opportunities to create conversions, it’s logical that Email Mail is also the most effective marketing channel to promote ROI. E-mail marketing offers companies an average return of 3.800%, and for each LTL 1 issued by e-mail. In the area of postal marketing, the average return on investment is USD 38.

These statistics indicate that e-mail is a cheap channel for marketing specialists, but why is it better than other channels in IG?

This is a presentation of very personalized and important messages. Unlike social networks where you send status updates to any observer, regardless of where they are located, your interests and purchase history, you can use e-mail. Letters that make your connection hyperactive. More information about customers. Mail marketing tool, such as Campaign Monitor, including insight into embedded systems, such as CRM, customer service, etc., can be more targeted.

6.Email Marketing Services for Entrepreneurs:

6.1 MailChimp:

MailChimp is a favorite place for many companies and agencies. It has a constantly changing user interface that has been updated over the last year due to user feedback. You can send your mail. Mailing lists as a CSV / Excel file, and the system will automatically check which columns are usernames, e-mail addresses. Mail, etc. (This feature is also available on many information platforms).

You can choose from many templates that can be customized to your trademark. Remember that a professional marketing agency can help you customize the look of your brand and not choose a template that many other companies use.

6.2 GetResponse

  • The big difference with GetResponse is that it is suitable for those who want to summarize their newsletter with the landing page or offer online seminars. If the reason for sending a newsletter is that every month the company runs webinars, and you contact users, this is an ideal idea.
  • By managing the user interface, newsletters containing this service also offer many add-ons, especially for online seminars. They are really focused on this market and have functions such as answering machines, e-mails. Mail reminders and one-touch sign-one that will help you and your users.

6.3 Constant contact

  • Constant contact has always been the main element of MailChimp because it was a trademarked e-mail. Email Marketing. It’s a huge company and a great choice if Facebook is an important element of online marketing strategy.
  • Constant Contact has an email. Mail option that allows users to easily post a newsletter on Facebook. Other providers have similar functions, but they are not as focused on this function as the “Permanent Link”.
  • A big plus for this company supports. If you encounter problems, you can easily get help, and if you have problems with the user interface, you have plenty of resources to find the answers you need.

6.4 AWeber

AWeber is a very popular choice recommended by many professional marketing companies. You have five plans to choose from and a long list of features such as an unlimited number of emails. Marketing campaigns, follow-up activities, letters and automatic responses.

Many people think that their auto-response platform outperforms other companies, so businesses can automatically personalize their personalized emails. Send by mail in accordance with the schedule.

GetResponse and AWeber provide similar basic functions. By using AWeber, you pay a monthly fee of 19 USD, depending on the size of the list, so you can send any number of campaigns.


There are so many emails. The advantages of postal marketing. Key challenges are a great business advantage if they are carried out effectively. It is a precise, divisible, measurable and cost-effective approach to business marketing. Postmarketing e-mail provides Marketing professionals with the ability to view user reviews in real time and monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns in the market, thereby highlighting the volume of the communication channel. At the same time, however, it also means that you can not capture the individuality of some advertising methods, such as television advertising.